Mostrando entradas de octubre 18, 2009

Cooking: little pleasures, yum!

Today I ran home after my morning classes to prepare lunch... my jobsite just so happens to be right around the block from my house and it provides me with the only exercise you'll ever see me doing here in San Miguel: walking.
I love cooking.
It's one of those rare activities that provide weird people like myself with pleasure and satisfaction.
Just before I left the classroom my boss asked me to stay five more minutes for a quick meeting and I was bummed but he kept his word and made it really a five minute meeting.
When I got home, I took the roasted bell peppers out of the papper bag I'd left them in, and started to peel them, a trick I learned from Tyller Florence from foodnetwork.
It brought back memories... of my life in Costa Rica, up 'till two years ago... of my years as a young bride when I knew nothing about cooking... of the reason why I learned to cook: my husband.
I got married at 17 and didn't actually know how to cook... I would burn my food, mostly it wo…